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Father’s Day is a time to express gratitude and love for the wonderful men in our lives. While flowers are often associated with the craftsmanship of a mother and wife, why not break with tradition this Father’s Day? Join us and find the perfect flowers for Father’s Day, as we explore unique arrangements and heartfelt gestures that will make your Father’s Day truly special.

As Melbourne’s premier online florist, we take pride in celebrating every occasion with vibrant blooms that speak volumes. With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to honor Aussie dads in a truly unique way. Introducing our curated selection of top floral picks tailored specifically for these remarkable fathers. From native Australian arrangements to elegant classics, our expert florists have crafted a collection that embodies the spirit of fatherhood. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of banksias or the timeless allure of waratahs, each bloom tells a story of strength, love, and appreciation. This Father’s Day, let’s salute Aussie dads with the natural beauty of our land, handpicked and artfully arranged by our dedicated team of florists.


What do flowers mean differently for Father’s Day?

Although flowers are often considered gifts for women, they have a special meaning when they are given to fathers. Thoughtful planning can reveal emotions that words sometimes can’t express. Let’s explore the symbolic meaning behind giving flowers as gifts to fathers.
Flowers such as roses and lilies have traditionally been associated with female expressions of love. Freed from illusions, however, a flower has deeper meanings that are more in tune with the ancestors. For example, sunflowers are a symbol of strength and positivity, making them the perfect choice to celebrate your father.



The perfect flower choice for Father’s Day

Choosing the right flowers is a consideration of your father’s personality and preferences. Here we guide choosing the perfect bouquet that will not only brighten your day but also show how much you appreciate her.

Memorial flowers: Customizing your flowers

Adding a personal touch to a flower can also make it stand out. Consider adding flowers with sentimental value or choosing colors that evoke fond memories. This small gesture can turn a simple flower into a meaningful expression of love.


Top 8 flower picks for Father’s Day

Now that we’ve explored the importance of flowers for Father’s Day and the art of choosing the perfect bouquet, let’s dive into the top eight flowers that are sure to make your Father’s day extra special. This carefully curated selection encompasses logic and techniques, giving you the ideal layout that matches Dad’s personality

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1. Sunflower:

Symbolizing strength and positivity, the flowers of sunflower lamps are bright and uplifting. Its golden colors convey a message of joy and appreciation, making it the perfect choice to celebrate your dad’s unwavering support.

2. Orchid:

For a little more sophistication, consider the Orchid Elegance ensemble. Orchids represent wonder and appreciation, making this arrangement the perfect choice for expressing deep respect and love for your father.

3. Bonsai:

Bring in a touch of nature with a rustic charm bonsai arrangement. Bonsai trees symbolize strength, vitality, and harmony – a unique and thoughtful gift that will remind you of the lasting bond you share with your father

4. Roses:

While roses are traditionally associated with a symbol of love, the timeless rose hybrid adds a classic Father’s Day touch. Choose deep, rich colors to show gratitude and appreciation for your father’s enduring love.

5. Wildflower:

Celebrate the nature of your Fatherland with a healthy combination of wildflowers. This bouquet combines a variety of flowers, showcasing the qualities that make your dad unique.

wild flower


6. Lilies and Carnations Combo:

For a fun and vibrant look, choose Lively Lilies and Carnations Combo. The lily symbolizes devotion, while the carnation represents love and happiness, creating a harmonious mix that speaks volumes.

7. Protea:

Embrace uniqueness with the glamorous Protea Showcase. Protea flowers symbolize change and transformation, making it a meaningful choice to express gratitude for the positive influence your father has had on your life.

8. Australian Native Plant Extravaganza:

Get in touch with the beauty of the Australian landscape by choosing the Australian Native Plant Extravaganza. Featuring native flowers such as banksia and waratah, this arrangement is a tribute to the land your father calls home.
With these top eight flowers, choose a design that perfectly captures your father’s special character and love for him. Explore your options and make this Father’s Day a memorable one with the best selection of flowers for Father’s Day.



This Father’s Day, go beyond traditional gifts and surprise your dad with a thoughtful plan that tells a lot. Whether it’s classic flowers or your own choice, Father’s Day flowers are sure to express your love and appreciation in a way that words can’t. With convenient flower gift options, this gesture has never been easier. Celebrate the timeless beauty of flowers and the special men in your life with heartfelt meaning.



1. Can I send my dad flowers for Father’s Day even if he lives in another city?

Exactly! Many online flower delivery services deliver nationwide, allowing you to surprise your dad no matter where he is.

2. What types of flowers are appropriate for Father’s Day?

While roses and lilies are classic choices, consider masculine flowers like orchids, sunflowers, or bonsai trees for a different touch.

3. How can I ensure the freshness of the flowers during breeding?

Choose a reputable florist with good terms and testimonials to ensure the freshness and quality of the flowers when you arrive.

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